There is an ACHE in your bones, even though It’s been a while since…

You’ve been able to tap into anything other than your phone

Anyone else has had the honor to experience you…to experience your soul

And even though you’re hurting and exhausted, even though you can’t see anything past the next 5 minutes, there is more.

Give that deep grumbling in your spirit the voice it longs to have.

About Abhaya

As a healer, I help men and women like you to rest and recalibrate. To enjoy the beauty of their own souls so that life becomes what it was meant to be…both rewarding and fulfilling.

You came here for a reason. When we work together, that reason comes back to you. Your strength and your faith, renewed.

I can’t say it’s “easy” work. But I can say it’s supported work. And support when you’re struggling means everything.

When you need energetic support, we will tap into the vast resources of Reiki and Theta Healing to help you restore and remember. When you need a heart that sees and hears you…I am here.

Your situations, your experiences, your heart is sacred and it’s one thing that I hold high.

Confidentiality is an integral part of our process together. It is the key to trust, safety, and provides you sacred space to face the fears, doubts, and past pains.

I’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years, so I understand how to open the gates to your soul that have been locked for so long.

Certifications and Credentials:
2001 Yoga Teacher, Integral Yoga Institute
2002 Massage Therapist (Swedish/Shiatsu), NJ Massage
2005 Reiki Master Teacher
2005 Vibrational Healing and Tuning Fork Therapy
2005 Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, Center of Being
2008 ThetaHealing Teacher, ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge
2011 Meditation Teacher, Yoga Life Society
2012 Acharya, Yoga Life Society
2014 Ordained Minister, Yoga Life Society
2017 Craniosacral Therapy 1 and 2, Upledger Institute, Raja Yoga Teacher, Non-Violent Communication Facilitator, and trained in Pastoral Care and Counseling

You’re safe. All we have to do is open the door. Together.