Meditation instruction is offered at The Vandana Center as a way to calm and clear the mind. The mind is a powerful tool for self-healing. The way we think creates our reality. Our perceptions of both our outer and inner world can create harmony and balance, or chaos and pain. As we begin to observe the mind and realize our thoughts are a choice, the mind will begin to shift from a place of turmoil to a place of ease.

Learn different techniques and tools to take your mind on a peaceful journey. Meditation is offered either at The Vandana Center or on site. Abhaya is available for group meditation at your office location. Increase productivity and an overall sense of well being with a Stress Management seminar or Lunchtime Meditation.

Meditation Classes

Learn new ways to meditate each month with our ongoing Intro to Meditation Class. For beginners as well as more advanced meditation Students who want to learn how to meditate and/or deepen their meditative response. Find which meditation style works best for you!