Soul Guidance Sessions

More than the body and mind.

More than what you feel…

You are a culmination of the energy you bring to this world.

But sometimes…

It seems that culmination is more of a discombobulated disconnection that even therapy hasn’t been able to bring together.

The detachment you feel isn’t going away, no matter how much you analyze it or talk about it.
The sadness hasn’t changed to joy with the methods you’ve already tried.
And, even though you love and adore them, you can’t seem to find it in you to do the things you miss doing with your friends and family.

There’s a way to invite the change your soul craves…

Bring forward the intense longing you have tried to suppress and re-awaken your true self, to be more present in your own life, with family or career.

Feel the joy in moving through your day to day life again.

Set goals and learn to trust yourself once more.

Because, even though it may feel like it’s unattainable, it’s not.

It may just be blurred and clouded by events that have changed everything for you or emotions that may or may not be yours. Or…or…or…

The fact is…

Something has changed. And you’re no longer willing or able to turn away from your needs. Your soul is longing to be heard, longing to express itself.

But bringing back the motivation, purpose, and fulfillment doesn’t have to be hard.

There is a solution that engages your whole being in a safe and nurturing space, allowing the soul’s wisdom to emerge.

This is not the same approach that therapy or coaching offers.

What you may need now is an approach that addresses ALL of you..mind, body, emotions and soul.

This is where our discovery begins…

Soul Guidance Sessions are designed to tap into YOU, where you are right now and bring you back to the YOU that you are you’re missing so you can rekindle that excitement for your life again, so you can tap into that love that has become buried by anger, resentment, frustration, depression, and all the feels that come from life’s mishaps and missteps.

Soul Guidance Sessions give you the tools you need to experience your soul again.

You know there is more to life than what you are living. When we realign you with your purpose, you know it.

Through a combination of energy work, physical movement, ThetaHealing, crystals and more, we will align all of you and…

Find your way back to the soul.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Abhaya having created a safe space where I was able to not only begin my healing process, but also to learn that healing was possible.” ~ R.L.

Feel what it feels like to be YOU again so you can:

  • Be with family and friends and be present with them again.
  • Find the things you love and crave doing them again.
  • Experience life the way your soul longs to.

Who I am and how I help people like you

I’m Rev. Abhaya Cordova and I’ve been helping people like you awaken their soul’s wisdom for over 20 years.

I hold multiple Master Level Certifications in the healing arts and continue to study the wisdom from all Planes of Existence.

For example:
1st: Crystal Healing, Grounding, Psychometry
2nd: Aromatherapy, Plant Communication
3rd: Pastoral Care and Counseling, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Animal Healing and Communication, Eastern and Western approaches to massage therapy, Non-Violent Communication
4th: Ancestral and Spirit Guide connections and channeling, Spirit Animal Readings
5th: Angelic Healing and Channeling, Soul Readings and Healing
6th: Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Mantra, Akashic Records
7th: ThetaHealing

With extensive experience in wisdom on all planes of existence, in addition to my certifications and training, you and I have the tools at our disposal that you need to heal from the inside out, and the up to down.

I believe in a whole-being approach and calling on your spiritual team, as well as my own, to find where your soul is calling for help so we can work together to realign you with your motivation, purpose, and fulfillment.


Soul Guidance Sessions

The Soul Revival Package is based on a minimum of three 90-minutes sessions to help you receive healing for the soul level of your being. Re-align with your soul wisdom, re-connect with your soul family and retrieve the aspects of your Soul that you need to continue the journey.

During each session, we will be divinely and intuitively guided through the steps to realign you with your soul, so we may use massage, reiki, crystals or even aromatherapy.

But whatever we choose, you can rest assured anything that comes up for you in our sessions is deeply guarded by me and will be kept in utter confidence.

Outside of our minimum of 3 90-minute sessions, we’ll also have a 15-minute check-in each week to resolve any issues that have come up for you that you need assistance in as you work through the events that take place between our times together.

Bathe in the warmth and the glow of the sun and experience your true nature.

Feel the wind blow through your hair and be free again.

Play games and spend time with those you love again.

Because, even though things may have been off for a (long) while, it is possible to live and be filled with a love so powerful that you remember. Again.


Reawaken the Soul’s Wisdom.

Trauma, deaths, losses, catastrophic missteps that are all a part of life leave us disconnected from self and from those we love and who love us.

And while therapy is a powerful step in the right direction, there is more to it than that.

Therapy addresses the mental and emotional events, thought patterns and behaviors that have pulled you far from what living is. But you are more than your mind and your emotions.

You are a living, breathing expression of energy brought forth in this universe to do something.  And if you’re not doing it, therapy won’t help as much as it could.

Because therapy doesn’t call your soul back home.

So you have to address the physical body, as well as the spirit, to get yourself into the alignment that allows you to experience the life you were meant to live.

And while, yes, you do love your family, you may have found it’s been hard to connect with them. That alone opens the door for more guilt or sadness to take hold.

You can work through all of distancing and isolation, pain and depression.

You can release that guilt and sadness.

And you can experience life and livelihood ignited and ready to be re-explored through a lens that is finally crystal clear.


If you’ve been suffering from depression, sadness, isolation, grief, anxiety, fatigue, some chronic illnesses, and more, you could be experiencing soul disconnect. And while trauma and loss often trigger such events, they are not the only things that send us down that spiral.

You may have just been living a life that was completely not your calling, working for a boss in a career that doesn’t fit you anymore or tapping into a stage in your life that is beyond what you’ve experienced so far.

But that sadness and disconnect no longer need to be your reality.

If you guide the soul home, you finally say yes to experiencing:

  • Unshakable peace in your day-to-day life
  • Stability that doesn’t waver when one little thing doesn’t go according to plan
  • Contentment with self and others that fosters the connection that you’ve been missing for so long

And more.

When our souls are not “with us”, meaning their needs are not being satisfied, an entire array of things turn upside down, we may:

  • Cut ourselves off from the people we love most
  • Stop doing activities we once loved
  • Become depressed and anxious
  • Punish ourselves through habits and activities that are bad for us like drinking, drugs, shopping or social media addictions
  • Feel a self-hate and a self-loathing so deep that we cannot see what there is to love about us (and we all have something to love)
  • Begin to suffer some chronic illnesses because we have suppressed our emotions for so long that our bodies have taken on those energies as illnesses

And the list goes on.

But the good news is, there is hope.

It’s possible to live without suffering these painful feelings anymore.

Don’t give up on yourself or the people you love.

When you and I work together during your Soul Guidance Sessions, we will:

  • Create an optimal environment for you to identify your soul’s needs so you can stop feeling lost and alone
  • Tap into the physical energy knotted up in your body
  • Unlock the behaviors and sabotages that are hard-wired into your being through nurturing Energy Therapies, such as Reiki, crystals, and ThetaHealing® so the Soul can find its place in you again…so you can find your way to align with and welcome It…

Together, we will find your path and know where you are to go and what you are to do next.

Relationships become sweeter.

Success finally becomes more consistent.

And you? Get to LIVE again…because you and your soul are once again aligned and connected to its truest path.

Experience the sweetness of looking into the eyes of your family and feel nothing but love for them, leaving behind the angst and the anger, the frustration, the sadness, the detachment.

Remember your soul again.